In the Satellite TV installation industry, cables and wires are a big part of the job. This is the arterial system of Satellite TV. Keeping all of the wires and cables secured, organized, and neat in appearance can be a challenge at times. Enter the cable ties market. Cable ties afford the installer the ability to run cables and wires and keep them secure, organized, and aesthetically acceptable.

Cable Ties – What Are The Choices

Which ties are best for the job? We review six different types from low to high price.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00004WLJ4″ locale=”us” height=”56″ src=”” alt=”cable ties” width=”110″]These [easyazon-link asin=”B00004WLJ4″ locale=”us”]GB Electrical 8-Inch UVB Black Cable Ties[/easyazon-link] are durable black plastic ties. Their service length is 8” and they have a width of .17”. Their all-weather construction allows for interior and exterior applications.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0002GX1XA” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” alt=”cable ties” width=”110″][easyazon-link asin=”B0002GX1XA” locale=”us”]Cables to Go 43036 4″ Black Cable Ties[/easyazon-link] Price: As low as $.01 per 100 count. These 4” ties are ideal for smaller wire or cable bunches; not strong enough for heavy bunching.

They measure 4” long and .05” wide. Plastic material ideal for interior as well as interior use.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0002J2QWE” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” alt=”cable ties” width=”110″][easyazon-link asin=”B0002J2QWE” locale=”us”]Cables to Go 43032 Clear Cable Ties[/easyazon-link] Price: Around $4.50 per 100 count. As we come to the medium price range, we find Cables To Go 43032’s. Measuring 4” long and a half inch wide, these ties provide increased strength. Ideal for heavier applications where weight support is more important. Exterior and interior capable.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B002BFPKH0″ locale=”us” height=”100″ src=”” alt=”cable ties” width=”110″][easyazon-link asin=”B002BFPKH0″ locale=”us”]Boston Industrial 175 Tensile Strength 18” Black Plastic Ties[/easyazon-link] Price: Around $7.50 per 100 count. This tie model by Boston Industrial is made for much higher load capacity than standard ties; holding up to 175 pounds each. Even if snipping off, these are made for load carrying. In addition they are highly weather and light resistant.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B003WB6MYM” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” alt=”cable ties” width=”110″][easyazon-link keywords=”Velcro Reusable Black/Gray Straps” locale=”us”]Velcro Reusable Black/Gray Straps[/easyazon-link] Price: Around $9.00 per 30 count. These Velcro straps measure 15” long and .5” wide. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are durable. They are reusable through well known, self-gripping Velcro technology. Ideal for many varieties and sizes of wire bunches.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B003B5KP4C” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”109″][easyazon-link asin=”B003B5KP4C” locale=”us”]Q Knot Reusable Ties[/easyazon-link] Price: Around $9.00 per 25 count. Each pack of ties comes with 3 colors and 3 sizes. Colors are red, green, and yellow. Sizes include 4.5”, 6”, and 7.25”. These ties are reusable and are made of a stretchable yet durable, “rubber band-like” material.

These are just six examples of varied cable tie options at different price levels; each price level bringing its own individual perks and qualities. There are certainly other cable ties on the market, but for Satellite TV installation purposes, these represent an ideal selection.

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